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Testosterone cypionate

Pack: 1 vial 2 ml 250mg/2ml


Testosterone cypionate represent an injectable steroid Which Testex Elmu Prolongatum contains testosterone with the cypionate ester attached to the testosterone molecule. This drug is the longest-estered testosterone available today, its real life in the human body is about 15 to 16 days. It is Considered to be one of the most popular and effective testosterone products.Testosterone is Widely used in bodybuilding, Testex Elmu Prolongatum no matter what are the bodybuilders / athletes goals. Testosterone is a Testex Elmu Prolongatum highly anabolic and androgenic steroid. As most injectable steroid by taking Testosterone cypionate bodybuilders / athletes Testex Elmu Prolongatum can expect effective muscle gain and strength. Testosterone cypionate is not the best choose in cutting cycles.Testosterone cypionate has the characteristics that both convert to estrogen and dihydrotestosterone. This propriety result in side effects as dry gyno and water Testex Elmu Prolongatum retention.Testosterone cypionate is Often Compared with testosterone enanthate, the difference, and many think that cypionate Testex Elmu Prolongatum is powerful. Actually the truth is that these steroids Testosterone cypionate are almost identical.Testosterone cypionate is Testex Elmu Prolongatum perfect if talking about compound combination, it can be stacks with almost all oral or Testex Elmu Prolongatum injectable compounds. In order to improve Testex Elmu Prolongatum  mass gain bodybuilders stack this steroid with drugs like Anadrol, Dianabol, Deca or Equipoise. For better Testosterone cypionate results and higher quality Testosterone cypionate should be stack with Trenbolone or Equipoise.An effective dose of testosterone cypionate Testex Elmu Prolongatum is about 250mgs-1000mgs/week, in dependence of sportsmen goals. As higher dose is taken and is higher Possibility of occurrence of side effects. The possible side effects are: gynecomastia, Testosterone cypionate water retention, fat gain, loss of sex drive, testicular shrinkage, oily skin, acne, and body / facial hair growth.

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