HGH 10iu

HGH 10iu

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?HGH (10IU)


Secretary growth hormone with exclusively owned patent of protein stabilizer Growth hormone (GH) is a kind of peptide hormone secreted by anterior pituitary (adenohypophysis), the weight of human pituitary is about 0.5 g and the content of GH is extremely low. In 1955, human growth hormone (hGH) was separated from human pituitary, and in 1979, the hGH gene was cloned. hGH is a single-stranded peptide containing 191 amino acid and disulfide bonds with the molecular weight of 22,000. The main physiological action of GH is to promote growth and development, and its receptors is distributed in various tissues all over the body. The physiological function of growth hormone is mainly to promote the growth of cartilages, bones and cells to perform tissue repair and regulate metabolism.HGH is composed of 191 amino acid, which is completely identical with natural human growth hormone and has the same efficacy without adverse reaction. The SDS-PAGE electrophoresis test almost presents no dimmer due to the exclusively owned protein stabilizer of growth hormone. The volume exclusion high efficiency liquid chromatography (HPLC) analysis indicated that its purity is 99.9% and the content of polymer protein is only 0.1%, which lies in the most advanced level in the world.Quality Inspection
The volume exclusion high efficiency liquid chromatography analysis indicated that the purity of the batched final products of HGH is 99.9% which greatly surpasses the purities of domestic known related products. Growth hormone protein stabilizer techniqueLeading technical advantages of HGH Secretary expression technique
The target protein with extracellular signal peptide folds into natural configuration, which ensures the complete identity of the structures of HGH and natural growth hormone and the activity of the product is 100%. The fragility of outer cell wall increases, therefore, the inner cell wall keep integrate and contamination of bacterial protein to the growth hormone is extremely low so that the purity is very high.  Growth hormone protein stabilizer technique
The decay of biological activity of HGH within the expiry date is extremely low so it is very stable. This feature ultimately ensures the therapeutic effect of the drug and avoids the adverse reactions including red swelling, pain , etc during the administration. ??

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HGH 10iu

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